Mental Health Awareness provides informative and interactive training, seminars and workshops to raise awareness of mental health issues in the corporate sector, mining sector as well as schools.

Our goal is to get people in the workplace to be aware of what mental health is, how to see early warning signs in themselves and/or others they work with, then to know what to do about it. Sometimes extra support is needed for people in the workplace to deal with the demands of their jobs.

All our courses are up to date with the latest research in the mental health field.

Our courses are very price competitive and we can accommodate up to 15 participants in a course.

We have courses ranging from 2 days, 1 day, half day, 2 hours and 1 hour.

We are all accredited with the Mental Health First Aid Certificate so we can deliver the 2 day course at your venue or on zoom. We travel anywhere.

What to expect when attending a mental health first aid course.

We have excellent accredited trainers that are experts in the mental health area. They are trained to be aware of people’s issues and what to do about them. We have been in the training industry for the last 20 years so we are very experienced.

  1. Small group training
    We specialise in small group training that targets the participants’ needs and requirements.
  2. Expert trainers
    All our courses have experienced trainers being accredited in the Mental Health First Aid Certificate.
  3. Efficient learning
    We tailor courses to meet the needs of our clients. This makes our training more efficient and to the point.
  4. We offer blended learning
    ELearning online training plus half day face or zoom training sessions to face training to practice your skills.

To view our different courses please click on Mental Health First Aid.

Mental Health First Aid and Mental Health Awareness Courses Brochure (270 KB)

How to look after yourself when looking after someone with mental illness.



Margo, a principal master trainer in Mental Health First Aid, has just delivered the two day Standard Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course to Layne Beachley and our group from Awake Academy. We found Margo to be insightful and knowledgeable. She used excellent examples that were very relevant to our work. Her expertise in the mental health area was valuable to our learning and we found her very competent when discussing sensitive topics. We felt emotionally safe throughout the course. Keep the great work going Margo.

Awake Academy



Mental Heath Awareness Training at AusGroup




Mental Health Awareness in the Media




Mental Health Training

We tailor courses to the needs of the end user so training is very directed at meeting the needs of the user


Keep up the amazing work. It was a remarkable course. It was very informative and educational. This is something everyone should do.

Paulina, Avivo

A very warm, caring genuine approach. Margo made it very comfortable environment making it easy to participate. I feel a lot more confident in being able to assist people in need and offer them the correct support.

Angie, Hanes
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The strengths included Margo’s inclusive manner, vast experience. Professional videos, great handbook to take away. Wonderful examples given and pure commitment to supporting mental health shone through.

Sally, AGC-AusGroup