Mental Health First Aid Training Courses

Are you or your workplace interested in completing your Mental Health First Aid Certificate course?

Mental Health First Aid Courses running at Manly Library

2-day course – 9.30 am to 4 pm. Refresher courses: 4 hours
These courses teach you to provide initial support to people experiencing mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, psychosis, substance misuse, suicidal thoughts, and trauma.
Mental Health problems covered: anxiety, depression, psychosis, and substance misuse.
Mental Health crises covered: suicidal thoughts and behaviours, panic attacks, traumatic events, severe psychotic states, severe effects from alcohol and drugs, and aggressive behaviour.
Dates: 21/22 June, 19/20 July, 16/17 August, 20/21 September, 11/12 October, 8/9 November, 6/7 December
Refresher Dates: 30 June, 21 July, 22 September, 13 October, 10 November, 8 December
Email to register or for more information or ring 0448 991 076
Cost: $250 + GST per person includes training, manual, morning and afternoon teas
Inhouse: at Manly Library ( max. 12) or your venue (max 15) : $2000 + GST includes manual and training.

Mental Health First Aid Courses at Manly Library Brochure (871 KB)

Other MHFA courses we deliver

Mental Health Training

Face to face – maximum 12 participants – add GST to costs – includes manual

MHFA – Standard – 2 days – $2000 a course / $260 a person
MHFA Refresher – 4 hours – $1000 a course / $150 a person
MHFA Youth (teachers/parents) – 2 days – $2000 a course / $260 a person
MHFA Youth Refresher – 4 hours – $1000 a course / $150 a person

E-Learning (5-7 hours), 2 zoom sessions @ 21/2 hours – maximum 12 participants – add GST to costs – includes manual

MHFA – Blended Online Workplace – $2000 a course / $200 a person
MHFA – Blended Online Community – $2000 a course / $200 a person
MHFA Refresher – 2 *21/2 hour zoom sessions – $1000 a course / $150 a person

Mental Health First Aid Course Brochure (4.5 MB)

Blended Learning

This involves an eLearning online knowledge component and then a half day face to face training to practice your skills.

The eLearning component of the blended learning teaches you how to assist a co-worker who is developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis.

This course aims to give you a better understanding of mental illness in our society.

Our E-learning course covers depression, anxiety, psychosis, drugs and alcohol. We will be looking at its impact, a description of each, signs and symptoms and ways we can intervene to help people who suffer from these mental illnesses.

This will then be complemented with a half day hands on program to practice the skills that we need to support people with mental health issues both at work and in our private lives.

The eLearning component must be completed prior to the face to face training.

The half day course must be completed within a 3 month timeframe from completion of eLearning component.

Audience: everyone can benefit from this course.

Do you want to arrange an in-house blended course for your staff of 15?

Total cost for eLearning, half day training, manuals for 15: $4125 plus GST ($275 plus GST per participant)