Testimonials About Our Training

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Margo, a principal master trainer in Mental Health First Aid, has just delivered the two day Standard Mental Health First Aid Certificate Course to Layne Beachley and our group from Awake Academy. We found Margo to be insightful and knowledgeable. She used excellent examples that were very relevant to our work. Her expertise in the mental health area was valuable to our learning and we found her very competent when discussing sensitive topics. We felt emotionally safe throughout the course. Keep the great work going Margo.

Awake Academy
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Understanding how to respond and being provided the ‘formula’ to workshop challenging situations. The value of asking questions.

Lucy Walten, Calvary Public Hospital
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I loved the practical sessions and method of how to approach those with mental illness.

Tanya Buettikofer, Calvary Public Hospital
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Great delivery, loved the breaking up into groups/discussion, very useful resources, very useful skills of listening with empathy! Clear presentation, very engaging, very useful and practical advice/skills.

Lauren Duffy, Calvary Public Hospital
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I feel like I am better equipped to listen, ask questions and empower another individual going through a mental health crisis.

Nevelle Chard, Calvary Public Hospital
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Good summary of mental health illnesses with suggestions of options for getting help.

Ruth, Calvary Hospital, Canberra
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Engaged, interesting instructor. Approachable and professional.

Kerrie, Workplace Rehabilitation Management
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Very interactive, engaging and knowledgeable. Margo knows her content very well for successful training delivery.

Anshu, White Clarke Group
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Thank you so much for running the Mental Health First Aid course these past two days. I really appreciate the clear effort you went to in both preparing the materials and in presenting them. It was an incredibly useful series of sessions for me, personally and professionally. While I hope that I never need to apply the training you provided, I know that I am better prepared now than ever before for if and when a situation arises with a friend, family member, colleague or even myself.

Justin Sprogis, AGC-AusGroup
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Thank you so much for having us over the 2 days, it was a wonderful course and your method of presentation was just lovely! I learned so much and have come away with a deeper understanding, not only of mental illness, but of myself and who I am as a caring person.

Kiley Butterworth, AGC-AusGroup

Even though there were challenging moments, Margo had a way of making the class comfortable and at ease. Margo has a kind natured teaching style.

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Thanks for the 2 days provided, it was really eye opening to understand the different situations with these illnesses. It has certainly given me the confidence to act if any situations were to arise.

Danny – Asc-Augsgroup

Great Course. Thank you Margo. It was so well presented and with lovely food. The course was very valuable for me as a registered nurse working at school with children, with elderly with family and friends.

Vicki Berry, Registered Nurse

Great presentation Margo, very professional: you didn’t let people get sidetracked with chatter, and gave excellent content and presentation.

Clare Parbery, Retired

Relayed confident, personable knowledge. Involved the whole group and made the two days enjoyable. I have a great interest in WHS (Workplace Health and Safety) and am happy to add this to my toolbox as a manager and parent.

Meredith Wood

Lots of practical activities that reiterate the content taught.

Isabella, Paramedic

Real life examples, having an amazing and engaging instructor and having discussions with the group were relevant and helpful are what I consider to be the strengths of the course.

Manu, Service Now

Thoroughly, highly relevant to my needs. The priorities are well balanced across the two days. Helpful to review past experiences as well as prepare for future or community needs.

Kate Grenot
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The strengths included Margo’s inclusive manner, vast experience. Professional videos, great handbook to take away. Wonderful examples given and pure commitment to supporting mental health shone through.

Sally, AGC-AusGroup
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Wonderful thanks for being caring and relevant knowledge. Different presentation formats – book, video, slides, discussions, worksheets.

Helen, Treetops

A very warm, caring genuine approach. Margo made it very comfortable environment making it easy to participate. I feel a lot more confident in being able to assist people in need and offer them the correct support.

Angie, Hanes

It was great for me as a manager/supervisor to learn how I can make a difference and help people. It was clear and informative and confronting in a way that made me think about what I thought I knew and what I can apply to my job and life in general.

Jessyca, Heinemann

Keep up the amazing work. It was a remarkable course. It was very informative and educational. This is something everyone should do.

Paulina, Avivo

I wasn’t sure what to expect prior to coming to the course, the course content was extremely interesting and relevant!

Intensive but very informative with relevant skills practised in the forum/class.

Mens Shed WA

Useful, constructive and educational.


Has empowered me to handle situations that present themselves surrounding anxiety and depression and substance abuse.

Very enjoyable and informative.

Very good course I enjoyed the way it was presented.

Was worth the time and effort to learn, engaging and fun, while also being informative.

Really important course and well presented.

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, opened my eyes and has given me the confidence to do an intervention.


Great course. Very informative. Gives confidence to approach people.

Fantastic presentation, fantastic facilitator, very impressed.

Included humour which helped so much when discussing topics like these.

Fantastic – don’t stop doing this, you are fantastic at this.

Diane, RM

Very practical, small group, very interactive, I learned a lot!

Meredith, Legal Aid NSW

Excellent presentation, comfortable with her knowledge and easily able to provide examples and feedback to participants.

Mick, ADHC

Practical focus, great supporting materials and great presentation style by Margo.

Nicholas , ADHC

The most valuable is the experience of the facilitator and the practical examples/exercises.

Michael, Roads and Maritime Services

Excellent presentation – course content was relevant and her knowledge and experience was invaluable.

Jo, NSW Police

I’d just like to thank you again for pulling together the course on such short notice. The efforts of yourself and your trainer are truly appreciated by myself, Martin and the staff of ADHC Southern Region.

Chris, Businesslink NSW

I wanted to pass on my thanks for the opportunity to attend this course. I was not looking forward to it, having been on them before and finding them boring. However, Margo Blacklaw is an amazing trainer! Her course materials and her presentation were impeccable and so relevant. It was a class of 5 women – there was lots of role play and feedback and I think we all did not want to leave. Congratulations on the choice of trainer!

Jennie, Office of Communities

This has been the most useful course I have attended in years.

Peter, Historic Houses Trust

Margo was excellent – positive energy very helpful.

Marty, Ageing, Disability and Homecare

Very clear, great control of a group, very inclusive.

Sue, Department Community Services

The content was very relevant and very well explained. Questions were answered well and with respect. An excellent presentation.

Victor, Historic Houses Trust of  NSW

Very good, logical, simple to follow, encouraging, handouts useful.

Caroline Lorentz, Historic Houses Trust

Very professional, helpful and informative and excellent course!

Stephen, Board of Studies

Awesome, engaging, enthusiastic.

Marie, State Library of NSW