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NEW – One Day Course – Building Highly Productive & Mentally Resilient Teams

Applying the Latest Trends and Best Practices
Supporting Team Members through Mental Health Issues
Public/Inhouse – 2 trainers

Introducing an interactive course for leaders/managers who want to take their teams to the next level!

Are you a leader/manager wanting to keep your team productive and motivated post Covid?

Do you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your team members, and would like to integrate proven strategies to do that? If so, our course is just what you need!

Our experienced trainers will guide you through the process of understanding your team’s needs, setting goals, providing feedback, building a leader’s resilience, understanding the characteristics of a high performing team and fostering a positive work environment. You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with people experiencing mental health issues, build your emotional intelligence and your resilience and build trust with your team members.

Our program includes:

  • Understanding the effects of the pandemic on leadership styles and their impact on team dynamics.
  • Identify current leadership trends and integrate them into a plan to future-proof your team’s success.
  • Recognize the characteristics of high-performing teams and apply strategies to increase a leader’s capability to implement these characteristics into their team.
  • Develop strong relationships with team members by utilising effective communication techniques and demonstrating empathy and trust.
  • Identify a leader’s “why” to increase motivation among team members.
  • Explore mental illness in the workplace – managing someone who is experiencing mental health issues. What are your responsibilities?
  • Learn 3 steps to communicate effectively including a listening skills exercise.
  • Apply techniques for building resilience and emotional intelligence to take your leadership skills to the next level.
  • Design strategies for motivating team members to reach their full potential and foster a culture of growth and development.
  • Discuss available mental health supports/resources at work and in the community.
  • Identify ways to look after your own mental health- we call this self care.
  • Prepare an action plan.

This course is interactive with learning activities, video, participant engagement and relevant examples. A booklet is provided for easy reference.

This training is provided in a safe and confidential environment.

Don’t let your leadership skills hold you back! Enrol in this course today and start seeing immediate results in your team’s performance. Sign up now and take the first step towards becoming a more effective leader!

To register for a course/get a quote/ get more information, please ring Margo Blacklaw on 0448 991 076 or email on

Please look at our website for more information.

Previous Mental Health training with clients include Ausgroup, IPAA, Calvary Hospital Canberra, Newcastle City Council, Epping Boys High School, Berriganshire Library, Dept of Primary Industry, IGT, Surf Lifesaving NSW, COTA ACT, Ecovantage, BOC and Good Pathways.


Meet Your Trainers

Margo Blacklaw

Margo ran a very successful training business that she sold three years ago. She managed contract trainers, admin staff and marketers. She grew the business over about 15 years with about 40 training courses and most of her clients were NSW Government employees and NSW local councils. The business delivered courses in the areas of communication, leadership and dealing with stress.

She then set up Mental Health Awareness which delivers courses such as Mental Health First Aid. The courses focus on managing your own mental health and supporting other people experiencing mental health issues. Often the question she is asked is ‘How do I manage my team members who are experiencing mental health issues?’

Margo is passionate about the area of mental health and the importance of early intervention (intervening early) to reduce the effects of mental illness. The more that people know about and are aware of mental illness, the more positive people will be to help reduce the stigma of mental illness. Her goal is to inform people to know what mental health is and how we can identify early warning signs in ourselves and others we associate with. Then to know what action to take.

Her relevant qualifications include an Arts degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology and a Graduate Diploma of Education at the University of NSW, two year College of Holistic Counselling Certificate course, Accredited trainer in Leadership Effectiveness Training, trained in Non Violent Communication and the 5 day Mental Health First Aid Certificate Instructors Course. She is now a principal master trainer in Standard, youth, blended online and refresher courses.

She is an ex-teacher so is very excited to get this message into schools with teachers, students and parents. Early intervention is crucial.

Margo has been training for 20 years and she is well aware of the importance of engaging participants to make the course relevant and interesting to them. Margo ensures the group feels safe as some of the topics raised can trigger emotions for some participants.

On a personal level she has been dealing with family and friends with mental health issues, such as alcoholism, anxiety, psychosis and bipolar.

She feels her strength is empowering people on their road to recovery.

Anne Silver

Anne has dedicated over 25 years of her life to helping others achieve their goals and realise their potential. She has a passion for coaching and mentoring others. Over the years she has become a skilled trainer, coach, manager, leader and motivator, helping countless individuals and organisations achieve high levels of success.

As a trainer, she has always believed in the power of education and personal development. She has designed and delivered training programs on a wide range of topics, from leadership and communication to technical skills and career management. She has a gift for breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand pieces, and she always tailors her training to the specific needs of her audience.

As a leader and manager, she inspires others to be their best selves. She has a clear vision of where she wants to go. And she has a talent for communicating that vision to others. She has always been a role model for her team, leading by example and setting high standards for herself and others. She understands the importance of building relationships and fostering a positive work environment. She has always been approachable and supportive.

As a coach, she has helped individuals and teams overcome their obstacles and reach their goals. She has a talent for asking the right questions, listening deeply and providing insightful feedback. She has coached everyone from entry-level employees to executives in both private and public sectors. She has always remained focused on helping her clients achieve their goals.

As a motivator, she is always positive and encourages others. She has a gift for helping others to stay focused on their goals. She has energy that is contagious and helps to motivate others.

Over all her career as a trainer, leader/manager, coach and motivator has been a good example of what it means to service others. She has dedicated her career to helping others succeed.